Wind shield Wrap - 2 Pack

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Wind shield Wrap - 2 Pack
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Not a great deal. $19.75 plus $1 shipping at this site.

When I was living in Alaska, for 6 years, I learned from Alaskans, just use an old blanket.

It made it real cheap, since it was washable and reusable.

How do you hold the blanket in place? Just curious

A few magnets across the top would probably do the trick.

I live in western NY, and we get a lot of close-to-freezing temps all winter, which means that a blanket would get wet then freeze overnight and be stuck to the windshield. Then, where do you put the water- and ice-laden blanket when you are driving? Melting all over the place inside the warm car?

These kinds of things make a lot of sense for me. We had ones that would be tucked into the door jamb to hold in place, and except for the potential for water seeping through the jamb (which happened once in a while), they were great at preventing ice from building up.

The only problem I see with these is that the magnets might not be enough to keep them from blowing off. It does not take a lot of winter wind to lift these like a sail. Tucking them into the door jambs would still be more secure.

I had a decent one from costco that I used for a while. The downfalls were:

Water would seep under it if from the snow that would land on it during the time it took to cool down after driving then parking. This froze the cover in place and made it retain water after I pried it off on the morning, so now I had a wet cover dripping in the car during the morning commute.

I still had to scrape the ice that formed under the cover.

I found it more trouble than convenience.

This guy likes to you a shirt


So then you didn’t really use the old blanket trick yourself did you?

Had you used it you would know how you held it onto the car, not have guessed that a few magnets would do it.

Nifty idea though.

Or instead of a blanket use an old towel. That will work. I would hold in place with the wipers (never tried magnets). Of course those with OCD probably can’t stand to leave wipers in the up position.

As far as what to do with the blanket/towel either leave in garage or on a garbage can or brink wall we have.

But then of course, that’s not the person who gave the initial suggestion.

You’re right! $19.75 + 99 cents shipping at your referenced website.

Years ago, my father would use old carpet runners and secured them in the door jams. They were heavier than blankets. Only drawback was that they would drip water into the car if the temperature got above freezing and it rained.

If the temperature is above freezing and/or it’s raining, you DON’T put these things on the windshield! These are for when it SNOWS, like as in the temperature is below freezing and it’s too cold to rain.

These also work for FROST which is above freezing. Luckily, our weather prognosticators are so accurate as to what is going to happen overnight EVERY night.

My wife would say put the car in the garage, but that is another discussion…

I find it hard to believe magnets would hold it in place during a blustery winter storm.

Use a rubber bath mat(with suction).

That would really suck. ツ

In the Mid-Atlantic & northeast states, we won’t need this. Winter isn’t coming here this year!

I cannot imagine that if you live in a real winter state like WV that you could ever get to this thing. I mean from the time I go to bed and get up 6 hours later it would take the normal 10 minutes still to clear off the 8 inches of snow and ice over the cover before I could even attempt to pull it off and then I’m hoping it doesn’t rip from the weight?