WindChaser Halogen Patio Heater


I was getting cold. In for 3

Now you see it - now you don’t. Every F5 alteranted between the heater and the speaker.

Freakin me out man…

This is the WootOff of the useless repeating items. I’m in for eight.

if I didnt live in an apartment… I would be very interested

At least they’re not $500 knives…

A patio heater??? Siiiiiiigh.

If only I had a Patio

Great deal! These things are awesome. It’s actually ridiculous cheap too. These sell for around 130-150 everywhere else.

Already keep 2 space heaters in my basement otherwise I might be more interested.

So its a 3 prong bug zapper?

Woohoo I could stick this on the 3 foot patio I have outside of my apartment. Then some drunk college kid can come steal it at 3 in the morning!


It’s only 80 here. Don’t want.

Anyone have one of these? I am looking for reviews online, but can’t find much.

36 degrees outside. I don’t even have a patio, and I want it.

Can someone please slap Woot, I think it’s skipping. This is all the same stuff from yesterday.

Wonder if this could somehow be attached to stand fan on pole pointing upwards. Fan would push the heat.

At the highest setting (1500 watts), this heater will consume 1.5kW/hr. In my area, that equates to about 50 cents an hour to run.