Windchaser Iceman Portable Ice Maker

totally necessary purchase

This can actually convert liquids into solids – seriously!

I live in MN…Honest to goodness I laughed my ass off when I saw this. A portable Ice maker? Really? Even if you are on a road trip Ice (at least here) is at most 3 to 4 bucks for a 5 pound bag. Heck Mcdonalds sells 10 pound ice bags for a buck.

Seriously, horrible woot-off so far…(I know, not for the ones that actually want the stuff that comes up, but how many is that really?

I have a better deal, portable ice in under 5 minutes for just 2 dollars.

your corner liquor store, gas station or supermarket.

every 3 of 5 people needs ice maker, other 5 billion doesn’t need it…

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I don’t have this model but have one and they are great. I think mine does over 30 pounds of ice a day…

Good price… see them over $100 on ebay…

I’ve always dreamed of being able to make ice anywhere. Not. At. All.

Would be sweet for the basement mancave bar.

Product Website


Goes for over $200.

2 HOURS??!!

plenty of time to poop


For those who use a lot of ice and have no regular icemaker (fridge one broken, say), it’s this or slow and painful ice trays.

im in for 3… bags of ice

not everyone has a corner store :wink:

I had one of these for my bar. They don’t have a freezer, it just makes the ice and holds it on an isolated box. It melts. It’s good for making ice, but it’s not good for having ice sitting around ready to use.

If you need to make a bunch of ice for a party, it’s fine.

Hello Cavemen

We use ours before heading out on our boat. Beats buying ice when we can make enough for a long trip. We also take it along on long trips. In Canada, ice is over $5 for 2 kilos…


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