Window Lurve

This is so freaking tacky — selling one panel at a time when virtually every application requires two.

No wonder Woot is able to “promote” such low prices…

Yeah, seems weird but that’s the way they’re packaged from the manufacturer. Take a look at JC Penney, Overstock, and others. They also sell single panels as well as panel pairs.

I just need to check the colors against my living room and then I’ll probably be in for 2. Frankly, most decorator fabrics retail for <$10/yd so this is pretty much at material cost.

What irritates me more than manufacturers selling a panel at a time is that we can only buy THREE. I need at least 6 for my window. How can I just get 3? Who needs 3? At a minimum make it 4 but 3? I never see anyone buy an odd amount of panels.

Whoops. I’ll ask the buyer to up the limit. Check back here for an update.

Update: Limits have been raised. Place your bets…uhm, orders.

My question is all of the curtain rods say that are for all pocket style curtains but all the curtains are grommet style. These curtains will hang on these rods, right?

Yes, just make sure the rod size is a bit smaller than the grommets.

I don’t see where the grommet size for the curtains is stated?

What size are the grommet’s on the curtains? it doesn’t say?