Window Panels: 84" 108"

Where would one find the 96" panels on this listing?

Whoops. Looks like that size dropped out. We’re going to redo that title.

Be wary of the 84" South Park Panels (set of two)!! I ordered the blue steel the last time woot had them and the colors are reversed. The blue is at the bottom and there is a cream color at the top so there are actually 3 colors on each panel.

I ordered the blue/chocolate
84" Bridgette Grommet Thermal Panels-Set of 2 Each Panel 40" x 84 back when they were cheaper. They are stiff. They have an extra layer of foam or vinyl on the inside but still let a lot of light in. Because they are such narrow panels when you account for the natural corrugation upon hanging grommet panels they do little good keeping out hot or cold. Expect to iron as the wrinkles don’t hang out over time and the shiny fabric makes the wrinkles quite noticeable.

I have a very similar experience to below. They are not very thermal or blackout. Decent value for the cheaper price. I’d be upset paying the current price.

[]What weight/transparency are the Gavin Stripe panels?
]Are there actual stripes?

What size are the grommets?

Most grommet drapes/panels can be shirred on a 2" rod. We’re asking the vendor for measurements though. Watch this post for an update if we can get the info from the vendor.

UPDATE: Grommets are 2.5" across.

The Gavin is unlined and polyester so it’s not going to be a heavy drape.

And we had a booboo on the title. It is solid, not striped. That’s being fixed.

Huh. The South Park Panels Set have a Silver/Taupe image, but no choice in the drop-down selection.


The features will note if the panels are lined.

Which style in Plum?

I ordered these on the 20 th and still haven’t gotten a shipment notice. Woot any idea when they will ship.

Hi there. The sale said items would ship in 3-5 business days. With the Monday holiday, today is the 5th business day. They should ship out soon if not already.