Window Panels For Windows

Are you sure they’re window panels for Windows, not Apple?

I’m still running Windows XP. Would I need to upgrade??

Wooters are silly.

Just wondering if anyone purchased these when they were offered a couple months ago. Did you like them or return them? Was the quality decent for the price?

Do the panels completely block out sunlight?

I’d expect them to note if they were particularly adept at it, but I think the clincher is ‘Lining = No’.

I would not anticipate great light blocking from these.

I wondered the same thing because I’ve love the owl print for my bedroom. I don’t think they would block the sunlight or offer privacy because they needed to be lined. It’s a shame because it love that owl print.

My thoughts exactly.

I bought the heather gray panels. They are not light blocking, which I didn’t expect. However, they also were not grommet top curtains which I DID expect, given the description and picture clearly shows grommets. They were rod pocket type. They are tight on the rod I had which wouldn’t have been the case if they were the grommet type. I was actually able to use them in another room, but now that they have thermal panels available -supposedly grommet type - I would like to buy but am afraid they will be rod-pocket when I get them!