Window Panels for Your Home

How well do you think these would keep the light out? I have a pair of suede like window panels now that keep the light out very well, almost like black out curtains, but they are getting worn out and old looking. These look nice for the price as long as they are dark enough.

Wheres that sale on the curtain rods when ya need it ?

Reviews on Amazon say they are on the lightweight/sheer side :frowning:

The pictures show floor length. I hope so…

84" = Floor length on a standard window.

“Window Panels?”

Whatever happened to “Drapes?”

Grommet tops suck. Can we get some tab tops or perhaps even legit drapes with the hidden hook attachments for rings?

The curtain rods were not a sale. They were the same price on Amazon, from Amazon. Search for Rulu curtain rod.

Worried about the accuracy of the colors on the solid color panels - clearly they’ve taken a single image and simply re-skinned them with color - that’s generally not too accurate…

Good ol’ internet cleared things up.

A drape is a long piece of heavy, often lined, fabric that is hung in front of a window. They are most likely long enough to touch the floor, have pleats and hang from hooks that attach to the curtain rod.


Panels are made of a light material and cut shorter than a drape. The curtain rod goes through the length of the top of the panel, and the panel is flat and unpleated.

is there a specific color you’re eyeing? we might be able to help find another image or somesuch.

Well then.

We’ve sure come a long way from college, when we just threw a tarp over the window.

Would love to see Woot carry some 108" panels. I don’t live in a munchkin house.

I’ve passed on your request.

Black out curtains would be fabulous! Please Woot!

Heard back. This is vendor art and the most accurate they have. Keep in mind that the colors can vary from monitor to monitor as well.

I am interested in the ivory sheers. The picture looks a little greenish to me. Usually ivory is like a warm color not so cool looking. Do you know if that is more of the true color?

Does anyone know the dimensions of the panels? Don’t seem to see that info. I saw someone post 84". Is that accurate? What’s the width of each panel?

I’m guessing you found the ONE sale where that info was missing. I reported it.

Each panel measures 40" x 84”