Windows and Rods

Only 4 max … :frowning:

I have too many Windows

Man, 95" panels are really hard to find in Hawaii, but all of these ones are far too sheer. :frowning:

I think the 84" Wavy Grommet Panels are listed twice. And contrary to what the page description says I did not see any actual windows for sale. I feel betrayed.

Hmmm, does seem to be listed twice. I’ll ask.

As far as windows, we sell computers with Windows. How about those?

Can anyone tell me what color of metal is used for the grommets?

Still looking for metal color for the Maggie 108" panel grommets. Anyone know? Hate to be dense here. The picture looks like silver but want to be sure before I buy.

I get having limits per customer on some goods… but when you are buying panels one by one… whats the point of getting 3. If you’re trying to do a room you can only get 1.5 windows done… kinda defeats the purpose of buying any at all unless you have one window per room in your house.

Onmine, the grommets are made of some metal (nikle like?) and colored like tan-copper. Looks quite natural.

The curtains STINK!

Smell like asphalt. Hung on window for almost a week hoping it would fade, now my whole house smells like new pavement on public street.

Sent two messages (1 on Sunday 8/31, another followup on Wednesday 9/3) and have not heard back. Not even an acknowledgement from Woot!

Apologies for the delay, I’ll escalate your case to them in my afternoon report.


Way after the fact… but for posterity’s sake… these were/are quality. I’d buy more if I could right now.