Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

Cheaper on amazon. Not much but… this isn’t a deal.

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This type of stuff is so insulting, particularly because Amazon owns them.

Ok, that’s it. Woot has really jumped the shark. Selling it for more than Amazon?

No one will see this comment because they’ve already destroyed what used to be a lively and interesting community. This is the first sale in a long time where I’ve seen even a single comment.

I’m done. Woot was great while it lasted. So it goes.

$15.75 from a 99.2% seller on eBay, free shipping and no tax. Not even remotely a deal here.

I’m not staff, but I can say that although Amazon owns Woot, they don’t operate Woot. The items and pricing is independent of one another. So to reiterate what a Woot staffer has said before:

“Stupid Amazon.”

(If you spend a lot of time shopping on Amazon, you’ll learn that their pricing fluctuates due to a number of reasons.)

Anyone is free to comment here, was you can see in the daily offerings. At the mothership, discussion is a Q&A section that is often just the Q.

FWIW, Woot isn’t afraid of insulting themselves:


What? Methinks he doth protest too much.
What i said is that almost none of the daily deals have even a single comment.
True fact.
Used to be different.
That’s an observation.
Too bad.
That’s a judgement.

Stupid Amazon?
Woot’s only reason for being is to offer great deals.
But they can’t figure out, or don’t care, what is the market price?
Someone is stupid, and it sure ain’t Amazon.

In the past, Woot has adjusted their pricing when lower pricing is shown as being available on Amazon, as well as giving refunds on the difference to purchasers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mistakes (and other things) happen.

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There’s a joke behind the comment, but it requires some backstory.

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Not quite.

Woot did something else that Rutledge learned at First Saturday. It drew onlookers. Most online retailers monetize products they own and therefore focus on conversion rate, how many visitors buy something. Rutledge threw that metric out the window.

Soooo … who wants a livestream of @notmatty scarfing down 16 feet of cake next time?

It’s actually not Stupid Amazon or Stupid Woot. It’s called “comping” and it’s usually done by marketplace vendors with a handful of products who undercut after we’ve priced items at what seems to be a competitive price. The truly price savvy knows the difference between an amazon merchant and the mothership. Merchants set their prices. They aren’t amazon and so it’s a completely different entity neither Woot nor Amazon have any influence or visibility on in advance.

For example, look at this:

The same merchant has listed two at two different products. Camelcamelcamel is down right now, but you’ll often see price changes right after we list a deal. When that happens on a weekday, we will do one of two things: if we can afford it, we comp the deal to be lower, which hurts our pure profit line but is our preference because we want to have the best prices on everything. If we can’t afford it because it will eat significantly into the margin (meaning it actually COSTS us at a significant loss once all allocated costs are taken into account), we usually pull and replace the deal. For the same reason.

Now on the weekend, folks are home and trying to spend time with families so we sometimes miss this last minute comping. I’m on my phone right now and not anywhere I can do anything about the deal. But those who have been around a while know we will either drop the price (and refund all those who paid higher proactively), or pull the deal entirely. I can tell you this is the case, no matter how nefarious folks think we are, because I work with these teams and see how hard they work to keep the prices as deals. It’s a tough business. There’s a lot of fast moving competition.

I can also tell you, we are continually working on systems and processes to minimize how often these situations happen, and we are finding ways to make sure we get awesome deals that no one else can offer. If you google a little, you’ll see we’ve had a ton of killer deals recently and MOST of the time, we are very price competitive on them. We routinely get on the front page of slickdeals. We can’t bat 1000, but I will say we do still have great deals and people are definitely buying them, else Amazon would have no good reason to invest in us.

So I’m sorry we missed on this one, and it makes us all crazy when we can’t meet your expectations of us which should be that our prices are ALWAYS the lowest. Sorry we disappointed you but we will continue to plug at it to ensure we are the place where the deals are - and a bunch of random, timewasting silliness which no savvy marketplace merchant will do! :slight_smile:


Too logical: double reads.

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Just, wow.
Talk about tone deaf.
You guys have fun with your little club.
If you stay in business.

Slightly confused.

@wajeremy said that price difference are usually rectified.

What kind are we talking about?

Sandwich? Group? Infantry weapon?

Me, trying to convince someone who already hates us why our business is tough.



Maybe it should be called "chomping’. It sounds better.

ps. I’m madder than a wet Wooster. I’m never shopping at woot again. lol


You’re fun, but don’t let TT know that I said that.

Otherwise I’ll deny it, even if you have a screenshot.