Windsor Oaks Reserve Cab Sauvignon (3)

Windsor Oaks Reserve Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack $79.99
2008 Windsor Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Reserve

Previous Offer May 7, 2014

Have you actually tried this?

No, I have not. There were a number of tasting notes posted during the previous offer.

Yes just went back to the May 7th offering thank you for pointing that out. I remember it now because of the points made about the sed it contains I remember that is why I past the last time. I am sure this is good just not a fan of unfiltered wine

I can say the same on both counts, yet have to admit to a double standard as I am fully accepting of the sediment in Wellington juice.

THIS is a nice mesh screen filtered pouring spout for $7 shipped w/Amazon Prime.


I certainly do not find sediment to be a flaw in wine (ok, within reason, I won’t drink mud) it is to easy to either decant or put wine through a fine mesh strainer, or to simply let it fall to the bottom of your glass and simply not drink the last little bit. I have found that wines with sediment are more likely to have flavors and feels that I enjoy. I’m willing to work a tiny bit to get that.

here’s my review from the last offering, hope it helps.

Man have the Woot gods been kind to me, got home form a brutal day at work Thursday and lo and behold My gumba monkey had stopped by again, while the dude drives my wife and dog crazy, me? I love the little guy. A bottle of Windsor Oaks 2008 “Reserve” Cab, Reserve??? Oh boy this should be good.
Opened bottle Saturday night and did a direct pour 1st 1/2 glass, medium to dark purple color, nice aroma, with good legs. 1st drink very mellow, dry, and great structure , good fruit-forward and has depth. Got to the bottom of the glass and was loaded with sediment, ugh spit out immediately. Looked at the cork and it has maybe a 64th of inch of sediment. Had to use aerator with screen the rest of the way. Did detect a touch of vanilla, now I’m not a vanilla fan, but this was light enough to not ruin the wine for me. Excellently paired with my normal Saturday night Ribeye, would be great with Pizza also.
Saw this on the web priced $45 to $50 range. Good reviews and rating (90 to 92 points) all in all this was a good wine, I would compare this to the 2008 Meeker Kiss Ridge Cab. & 2006 Robert Nenow Napa Valley Cab, But not a White Oak Cab.

agree, I don’t want to scare anyone off because of the sediment, it was just a warning to filter it. all in all it was a very good bottle of wine.

BTW this woot off looks like an expanded “Cab said Fred” lol

I don’t consider sediment to be a flaw by any means, it’s more of a mental block to me. I hear “sediment” and somewhere in my mind a voice is saying “requires special handling” even if the reality is that it’s just a matter of decanting or using a filtered pour spout. I think there’s also a little piece of me that feels I am going to forget that the wine is unfiltered before I drink it and won’t be prepared when the time comes. That may be partly why I am so accepting of Peter’s wines being unfiltered - it’s burned into my brain that there is going to be sediment in Wellington reds so I’m never caught off guard by it.

Thanks for the tip - I bought one. There are some wines you want to filter, but not aerate… Speaking of which, I wonder where my 1979 Sanford & Benedict is from earlier this month.

Woot? Any idea on when it might ship? Hello, Woot?

Thinking back on last weeks wines, excluding white/rose; over half had sed and required a mindful decant.

I missed that offering hoping it “appears” on this woot off