Windsor Oaks Rose of Sangiovese (6)

Windsor Oaks Rosé of Sangiovese 6-Pack
$64.99 $138.00 53% off List Price
2012 Rosato, Rosé of Sangiovese, Chalk Hill
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Winery website

Ah bummer, no rosé for Idaho.

Love the color on these.

How much shelf life does the rose have left? I had a 12’ WC pinkie swear this weekend and I wouldn’t hold it beyond this summer.

Who would wait longer than that? hic Heh Heh …But …well…alas…no shipping to Wyoming. Guess they figure Rose ain’t somethin’ goes here anyways…Giddiup!
Pass the Wellington please…:smiley:

Keep the Rose’ offerings coming - I need to stock up for the summer!

Perhaps the winery will consider a Wisconsin license for future offerings :slight_smile:

Anyone had this? Is it dry? Also anyone in upstate NY might potentially be interested in a split?

Good question - it would be great if the winery shows up here.

I’d be very surprised if winemakers of their quality made an overly sweet rose. And it’s not called a “dry rose,” so I guessed it’s pretty typically in the middle and ordered 12 based on that (and the reputation of the winery). However, if it’s drier, I’m personally okay with that.

Edit: It says “NOT SWEET” in the description. I must have missed that, since it was in capital letters. :slight_smile:

Roses don’t last long on my shelf! CCant go wrong at this price

Correct link for Winery Website

We kill them pretty quick too but current releases of roses are 13’s and 14’s. No reason to grab 12’s at this point. The price on this is nice though.

good point though I am guessing strong QPR based on winery reputation IF these are still lively

I don’t care for rose. That said, their Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Zinfandel are top notch. What they need to do is start shipping to Iowa.

I didn’t think I liked rosé either, until I finally had one that wasn’t white zinfandel or kool-aid.
We’ve had some really nice, complex, rosé offers her in the past, but it was one in France, with a Frenchman, that really changed my mind so I’d even try them again.

I’m sorry but you’re the guy who brought the 70’s white Zin to a tasting.

Feels like that comment needs a bit of this…

Twas not in jest, it smelled like coffee.