Windsor Oaks RRV Viognier (4)

Windsor Oaks Russian River Valley Viognier 4-Pack
$59.99 $140.00 57% off List Price
2012 Reserve Viognier, Block 34, Russian River Valley
2013 Reserve Viognier, Block 34, Russian River Valley

Seems like a nice offer. I’ve liked all the Windsor oaks wines I have tried. Anyone have and specs for these? The write up detailing how tiny the production numbers are was interesting but I’d like some hard specs to help make a decision on this deal.

No shipping to Idaho? Did something change after all these years or is there a rule specific for just this wine?

Agreed - the notes say the right things, but viognier needs super-ripe fruit and acidity. I’d love Brix and PH.

Heading out the door for the weekend – on the fence.

And no shipping to Connecticut. No deal for me :frowning: I wanted some Viognier.

It depends on your state. My state requires each winery to get a permit from them (and I am guessing pay $) in order to ship to CT, so only a select list of wineries can do that. Idaho may have a similar “rule”?

In addition to the specs request does anyone know what the status of this winery is? I have seen a number of bottles on close out over the past few months.