Windup Wildlife Encounter

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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But where’s the rubber duck?

Congratulations Brian. Looks great. I particularly like the orange - stands out very well on the blue. :slight_smile:

RIP, Scuba Steve.

if only the shirt was black and the blood was red… the shark too.

Amazing shirt, this is going down as one of my favorites!

I’m really interested in the gradients used in this.

Is this like that little scuba diver guy that was a bath toy you put those dissolving pellets in and it made bubbles?

Good use of color theory on this print. This reminds me of Legos for some reason…
Unsure about buying this though I did have an ex-girlfriend who wanted to survive a shark attack so this would have been a good shirt for her…



etc etc

I wish I hadn’t already bought yesterday’s shirt. I’d be ALL OVER this one.

Interesting shirt! Wow… looks like nom nom as a descriptor is pretty popular with shark designers.

As a scuba diver, this might be a must-have shirt :slight_smile:

Hmmm… nice catch. The descriptions lists four colours. Presumably these would be the dark blue, orange, yellow and white. So that is some sort of gradient for the shadows… interesting.

great shirt that shark look plastic. it bit that scuba guy?

BTW: 71 hours TurboGraphx16

i think the design woulda been better on a white shirt

I love the colors used in this one. It’s definitely a fun shirt that I really like a lot. Congrats to the artist!

laud laud.

I enjoyed the copy today very much. The shirt, however, I will pass on. XD

condition: OM NOM NOM NOM

AHAHHAHAHAH…good thing I didn’t read that at work, because the Coke would definately been shot out of my nose and onto my vintage MS keyboard and my cackles would have been heard out to the elevators and back.

My son sucks his thumb and tries to cuddle with my leg and says Om Nom Nom Nom when he’s tired and silly.

Whew…you had to be there.

Sherpa What!

the shark is part of the shirt color.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.