Windup Wildlife Encounter

nice balance of colors!

I really like the colors as well. Red might have been a tad too bold as blood for this fun shirt and I like the blue backdrop for obvious reasons.

I’m a waterbaby, I’ll probably nab this one.

ah ya gotta love woot…cause I don’t have any idea what your talking about.

Ah, a TurboGrafx16-free day. It will be so pleasant. I’m looking forward to it.

Good catch. I’ll be interested in seeing a real pic of the shirt.

Not long enough…

Nevermind I guess he did get suspended so this commented has been edited

I can’t bring myself to woot this now, but it’s a solid design, and would if I had a bit more cash

Kind of Ironic out here in CA, since we recently had a swimmer die after his legs were chomped off… I would say don’t wear this shirt to the San Diego County beaches anytime soon, people might not get the humor of the shirt… Then again, I am buying it and look forward to wearing it to work!

Nice… Subtle. A definate almost. :wink:

ya know I used to think woot needed more great designs like these . but now that I think about it. I would have no more money in my savings/checking acount.

EDIT: sometimes I click on my own sig picture because that video is the best…

this shirt is kind of awesome. wish i had money right now.

Also Laud Laud… funny and clever writing!
Another anagram for royal blue that may fit- La Boy Lure.

Totally awesome shirt. I would buy if I didn’t need to save up for some upgrades.

grats again on another print, Brian.

OMG poor diver dan!

Diver Dan… Scuba Steve… L O L

Liked it enough for my first woot.

Grats ramaham! You should check out some of the ones that came out before you joined and are still for sale. They’re on the Reckoning List

Great idea!

noooo!!! scooba steeeve