Wine auctions...

Any chance you could give a bunch of elderly nuns some wine for their fundraising auction? I work at the Sisters of the Holy Family in Fremont, California.

We are a legitimate nonprofit-501c3 (i can provide a tax id number if you need it for your records) and have an annual wine auction in September to benefit the ministries of the Sisters. More often than not the Sisters work as Social workers in other organizations, who usually cannot afford to hire additional staff. The Sisters underwrite the wages and all expenses of these Sisters. Every penny raised goes to advocating the poor and the needy.

Can you help?

We’d be most obliged.
you can look at our website at

Good Afternoon Sister,
You should post this on World of Woot Wine.
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If you post on World of Woot Wine, you stand a much better chance of having it read by somebody who can help, or at least give you an answer.

I would think that your best bet would be to go directly to a liquor distributor. The distributors have promotional dollars to spend and can sometimes sponsor an event. Often times you may need to buy some wine to get some free wine.

Good Luck & God Bless