Wine Bag Variety (10)

Wine Bag Variety 10-Pack
$9.99 $30.00 67% off List Price
Double Red Shiny
Single Gold Shiny
Single Silver Shiny
Single Blue with Wine Glasses/Bottle Print
Single Blue w/ Gold Stars Print
Single Blue with Silver Swirl Print
Single Cranberry Velvet with tassel
Single Royal Blue Velvet with tassel
Single White with Grapes, Wine Glass and Wine Bottle Print

I bought 3x10=30 of these when they were first offered (maybe 6 months ago?) and have already burned through 18 of them. In for another 3 sets!

I picked a pack of these for xmas I thought the quality was good and the price was as cheap as I’ve seen for wine bags.

“Single Blue with Wine Glasses/Bottle Print”

That’s a bottle of Champagne and Champagne flutes. Also it says ‘plein’ which means full in french. As in, if you put wine in this gift bag it will be plein of the wrong stuff! :wink: