Wine Bag Variety 30-Pack

I bought these the other day. They are about what you would expect from a random bag variety pack. The bags were in good shape and I would buy it again. The cloth bags were probably a little lower quality than I would have hoped but the other bags were better.

The Best Deal ever on 30 classy wine bags!!

Wait, dumb question. These are actual wine bottles or wine BAGS.

These are nicer than the ones at the Dollar Store, but I got the low end of “random”…no double size and no velvet bags with tassels. Bummer.

Same. I’m annoyed.

No velvet bags!!

Same here - paper bags only - still a screaming deal but, expectation of a velvet bag or two went unfulfilled. =(

I received mine today and received 15 bags, not the 30 I was expecting.

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