Wine Barrel Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

Wine Barrel Wine Stave Bottle Balancer
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PRODUCT:1 Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

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Can it balance a magnum full or empty?

How big of an earthquake can this thing handle?

Whew…thursdays are a relief on the cards.
Wouldnt mind seeing some caramels some time…might be the only food item i go in on.

Nonfood though…any chance a decanter ever shows up again…I think ive about given up and will just order one.

How about a clue for the weekend…

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I actually meant to ask, what is the largest capacity bottle this can balance?

How good is your balance after drinking a large capacity bottle?

Mine is balanced on a table, and my cats frequently jump up there and walk around close to it. I’m not sure what that would create on a local Richter scale, but I’ve never had it fall over.

I bought 3 when these were wooted for the holidays, and gave the other 2 as gifts. All 3 of mine were slightly different looking, and a big hit all around. I recommend them!

what is the point of this? To look cool? It is a block of wood for over $10. It can only hold one bottle and it does so in a very precarious way. This is a super, super lame item.

It’s only a buck for the wood. The rest is knowing where to put the hole to properly balance it…

Hello…this is Pete Troiani with Wine Cask Creations…I have balanced an empty Champagne bottle before but it would not surprise me if a Magnum wouldn’t balance.


Will this work with a bottle of whiskey? I want to be the talk of the trailer park!

I wish I could like this post.

Besides, it’s not just ‘a piece of wood’ it’s from a wine barrel, how neato is that? It’s more of a conversation piece than anything. If you make your own you’ll just end up having to make a bunch for your friends after you explain that you made it yourself.

I made one of these in 45seconds with a 2x4 scrap, a circular saw, and a drill. Works just like it looks. Mine holds the bottle horizontally though.

If I’m still standing… terrible. If on a bicycle, somewhat OK.

in for 3. bought one of these at a winery in Napa, Ca a few years ago. $29.99 there. $25 for three here. SCORE

And I’ve found that some 750s with longer necks won’t balance. I’d say it depends on the magnum. A short one like the 1869 might… longer ones probably not.

I’m in for 3. These make great gifts and the one I have never fails to elicit a “hey … how do you do that?” comment from guests

I bought three of these in the last offering. I have given two as gifts and will give the third at Christmas as a gift. Like someone previously, I have a cat. He is the most uncoordinated cat on the planet and I do not trust him around this, because he is curious about new things.

Being the brown-noser that I am, one of them was given to my boss. She is a wine drinker and they have a rustic cabin in North Georgia. This went beautifully with their decor and has been a great conversation piece with friends.

I highly recommend buying three. It is a great deal!