Wine Barrel Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

Wine Barrel Wine Stave Bottle Balancer
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PRODUCT: 1 Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

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Woot.Wine Gift Week!!

2012 D&D Weekend Thread is up now.

Petite Sirah main event, Friday, Feb. 17, 2012.

“Adjust the bottle back and forward until you find the correct balancing position”

Would one need to worry about this easily tipping over from vibrations caused by foot traffic? It seems like it would it be fairly easy for the bottle to slide just a bit forward or backward, tipping and creating quite a mess…

Got 3 of these last year, gave 2 as gifts and kept 1. All wonderful and unique from each other - nice item! Now if my cat would only quit knocking it over…

Three woots in a row. This one is a gift, though; the woot cellars and the KR are all mine!

WTF, a $12 piece of wood?

I have one. It’s actually quite stable once it’s balanced. Vibrations from foot traffic won’t knock it over unless you have a floor like a trampoline. I would recommend placing it on something like a fix countertop rather than a foyer table in case someone bumps into that piece of furniture.

Forget your foot traffic…I’m a Californian I need to know if this will survive “the big one”. Nevermind I already know the answer to that one… I’m not even sure if this would survive the average one… Sadly It’s too much to risk and I will have to pass on this one :c

What’s the drinking window on this?

I seriously shouldn’t have laughed that hard. Spooked my cat out the room. Good job.

So one needs to adjust the bottle to balance it… are there any bottle shapes or sizes that just won’t work with these?

Also, are these more for decoration purposes? It seems that it would be a PITA to keep readjusting after pouring a glass.

Is this compatible with Thunderbird or Night Train Express?

I have three and live in San Francisco. We’ve had a few smallish tremors lately, and they’ve survived entirely unscathed. I also kept them on a table for a while, and they didn’t fall even after the table was bumped by clumsy family members.

That said, if you’re using them to display your bottles of Latour, you might want to reconsider… well, a number of things, really. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s an interesting idea - I’ve only tried them with full and empty bottles, not bottles in progress. But then we generally vacuum seal and chill those.

The bottle is upside down, so I don’t think you’d put it back in after pouring a glass…

Unless you’re on of those crazies who doesn’t finish a bottle in one night. Even then you’d only need to readjust it once.

This is definitely a worthy item for “gift week”. I got this last time and whenever I show it to someone they always have to try it out to see if they can successfully balance the bottle. It’s like a magic trick or puzzle to them.

Right with you there. Don’t know why that was so funny.

Haha thanks a lot! I think I might have to reconsider if I order now… Maybe if there are still some left when I wake up.