Wine Barrel Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

Are the staves kosher?

Or if you would rather make your own, there is a tutorial here

Are any of these not drilled? By this I mean, is the hole the actual bung hole of the barrel?


“And lo, tell them not how firmly upon thy wondrous plank thou hath witnessed thy bottle balance; but tell instead how greatly thou didst pay for that bottle thou dared test.”

Can these balance plus size bottles?

I have a similar one of these a friend made that he gave me for Christmas at least 5 years ago. It’s carved like a fish and always gets comments, good conversation started. They’re very sturdy as long as you balance it well with the center of mass of the bottle directly above the part of the wood touching the table. You get a feel for it in just a few seconds of playing with it.

They will take all bottle sizes as long as it fits through the hole. According to physics, the heavier the bottle the harder it would be for it to fall (coefficients of friction and all). Over the last 5 years I still haven’t broken a bottle with mine, but I’m sure it happens occasionally depending on where you put it and life style. I think these would make a good gift, but in my opinion kinda pricey unless you buy 3. Happy holidays to all.

Whoa mister, who are you calling a bung hole!?!?!

If made properly, with the wood cut with the correct angles, and if the hole is large enough…there is no reason this shouldn’t work for any size bottle. You just change the angle you place the bottle into it, a larger bottle would go in at a steeper angle to make the center of mass be directly above the base of the wood.

Hopefully, the manufacture can comment further on if this is true or not. The one I own accommodates anything from 375 to a magnum.

In for three!! How can you not? It is close to Christmas and when I make my Apple Pie drink and bottle it in my wine bottles, this will be perfect. And although it might make people say, “What the heck is this for?”…that is the intrigue of it all. A unique gift…or a host gift.

don’t get a cat…they lick the butter.

Look at what bottle it is in the wine stave. Is it a clue?

I’m confused, probably because it’s too early on the east coast for wine, but does this need cellaring before enjoying?

I thought Thursday was the day we had to deal with wine related junk on WOOT, not Tuesday! Who cares? This is a WINE site.

Missed out on these last year when they were sold out by mid morning. This year I’m in for three to give as cheap, yet interesting, gifts. The fact that buying my own wine staves and doing it myself would barely save me money even sweetens the deal.

It’s gift week, so two deals a day and anything goes.

Its hard to find good wood these days.

So this is a bottle opener?

I got two of these last time, and gave one for a gift and kept the other. I love it, and people always check it out when they come over.

So out of curiosity, could one get this to balance with a bottle of Jack Daniels for the Whiskey drinkers on my Christmas list???

Mother in law had one fall off the bar and what a mess. Needless to say, I don’t see it around as a decoration anymore…

Unique, physics, booze, conversation piece, and on a cheapskate budget. Perfect gift for the dude down the street.

And, no questions of ph. In for one.