Wine Barrel Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

This is actually quite stable and very easy to balance. Vibrations wouldn’t knock it over and the bottle doesn’t slide around in it.

I have a wine balancer similar to this one and it holds the bottle nicely without tipping over. I have seen other ones where the balancer has more of a C shape that holds up the wine, but doesn’t seem as impressive as this one. We get comments all the time on how neat it is and people always ask where they could get one. Had to go in for three because it is a good price.

I picked one of these up last time around. I’m the envy of all my friends. Every one that sees it asks me where I purchased it. Great conversation piece!

Is it BPA free?

Just kidding, someone always has to ask. In for 3, looks like a cheap yet classy way to decorate the apartment.

Will this work with larger beer bottles say like 750ML or 24 oz. bottles for beer? Anyone try Champagne bottles?

What’s the word on gift week? Is it going to be two deals every day?

Apple pie drink? Recipe please!

Also, this totally looks cool if I had room for it, but I don’t. :frowning:

Yes that’s how it works, so I’m told. :slight_smile:

In for three! I’m afraid wine.woot! is going to be my new addiction :confused:

After seeing their stuff on wine.woot, I bought my mom a barrel stave candle holder direct from Wine Cask Creations. I had an issue with the shipping address (I blame PayPal), and Pete from WCC was totally cool about clearing it up.

My mom was wowed - the barrel stave even retained some Cabernet smell. I highly recommend doing business with these guys.

Looks like a cool way to display/decorate.

I also like to leave a bottle of wine for the next occupant at our family cabin.
A bottle in this wine stave holder in the rather rustic log cabin will be a great surprise for one of my brothers.

Maybe a nice addition to a hostess gift of wine.

In for two.
Maybe should have done 3?

Yeah this is pretty much ridiculously cool. Been waiting for woot to have these again. In for at least 2

Dear Woot,

I will break my wine-buying hiatus, despite my financial state, if you bring back D’ontspille.

Best Regards

I have one and have given a couple of these away as gifts. I wanted to pick up a few more, but they appeared to have sold out already today.

Just a word a warning, they don’t work well with tall, skinny bottles. Also, make sure whatever surface you place them on is very stable. I’ve only lost one bottle so far, it was a shame to have to drink the rest of it in the middle of the day. :slight_smile:

Seriously, 2371 of these were sold? That seems kind of crazy.

I also sell a similar product here: (shameless plug). From my experience you cannot fit “any” bottle in these. It depends on the size of the hole drilled and I have yet to fit champagne. Typically they will fit most 750ml bottle of wine.

I will have to try whiskey and beer bottles sometime and see what works. In general, these products are pretty stable.

While not alcoholic… this is tasty…

Oh, and I would have loved to buy after getting the answers to my questions. Didn’t know today was a special half day. e-mail to service.woot it is. :slight_smile: