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Ok… two dumb questions. I’m looking at the Haier 16 Bottle Dual Zone cooler.
1: is the 10" the width? seems like it, but want to be sure. I have the perfect place for this, if that’s the width.
B: how much power do these use? is it like no more than my laptop, or is it more like my toaster oven?

Here it is on the Haier site. There’s a manual there that shows a little bit better pic on the front.

Haier, HomeDepot, and Amazon say it’s 10" wide.

I don’t have info on electrical usage.

Please, if it doesn’t hold at least 27 bottles, why bother.

Do all these wine coolers allow you to put soda or other beverages in there or only the Haier 42 Can/17 Bottle Beverage Center supports it?

Why was my order cancelled for this? Thanks for the refund and the $5 coupon, but how about a reason? I was looking forward to getting that cooler.

I’m sorry for the poor experience. Looks like we didn’t have as many as we thought we did. :frowning: