Wine Bottle Bamboo Cork Collector

Wine Bottle Bamboo Cork Collector
$18.99 (Normally $28.00) 32% off List Price


I enjoy buying oddball stuff for my house. They are great conversation starters and make people laugh which cuts down social awkwardness. This thing would look great in my weird house.

I bought one last time it was on wine.woot, and I love it. Looks great on top of the bar, and the wife is happy I don’t have a whole bunch of corks still laying around. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for something different to do with your extra corks.

Prove your alcoholism. Go on.

how many corks will it hold?


A lot. I have had one that is similar to this one. I drink about 3-4 bottles a week and have had mine up for a year and it is not yet at the half way point. BTW I paid almost double

Does it come apart so you can get the corks out if you eventually want to recycle the corks?

Awesome feedback. Thanks for taking the time to post!

I saved corks once.

That was stupid.

After a couple of months I had a siht load of 'em.

Why do people save corks?

put a cork in it

Mine does but mine looks like a wine barrel

Here are a few Cork Cages some I had not seen before