Wine Cask BBQ Smoking Staves

Oh, come on!
Somebody bought a bunch of wine barrels.
Tried making furniture - nope.
Planters - nope.
Coatracks - nope.
Firewood - nope.
Smoking Staves? Huh? For how much $ ?

Are these one-time use? Can I grill with them more than once or do they get burnt out after a single use most likely? This is what either makes this an overpriced item or an item one can use frequently and be a good value

These are one time use, but you might not use all of them at once. You soak them in water for an hour, and then put them on the coals, where they will steam and smoke and eventually burn up. If you are smoking some nice thick pork chops, you’ll probably use like 3. If you are going for a brisket, you’ll use all and then some.

I’ve not tried these before, and the price seems steep. If this is your first foray into smoking, you are better off buying the much cheaper Jack Daniels whiskey barrel chips, which I can attest to.

These are oak, which will turn the outside of your meat acrid due to the tannins - avoid using them for long smokes. And, I’d suggest ticking to poultry or pork for this, I think beef will overpower the wine.

Also, always remember that once the meat hits 120 degrees F, you can’t get smoke penetration, so don’t waste your smoke.

Honestly, I think for your typical backyard BBQ, your best bet is to just get a bag of whatever kind of wood you’ll think you’d like at Home Depot over where they sell the charcoal. Personally, I use a combination of briquettes and mesquite charcoal on my Weber kettle whenever I cook on it. Oak is nice, but is really best for open pit smoking - most people don’t have that in their backyard. The best BBQ pork I’ve ever had in my life was in KY and it was pit smoked with oak.
In CA up in Santa Maria they make tritip over coastal live oak that’s been burned down to coals for the most part.

how many staves is this? one place is says 12 on place it says 24.