Wine Cask Creation Red Wine Barrel 4-Hook Coat Rack

Wine Cask Creation Red Wine Barrel 4-Hook Coat Rack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Red Wine Barrel 4 Hook Coat Rack

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Are you serious!!! Wine… we want good wine!!!

OMG are you kidding me???

Hey look, firewood!

Bwaahaha! Wow :expressionless: exits

This thing looks like it would be good for hanging coats on.

Good thing this will be shipped in a refrigerated truck, I’d hate for my coat rack to turn out like my Smith n’ Hook Magnums…ruined

$3 for nicer looking hooks at a hardware store, and I really can’t say i’m super inclined to put a piece of a barrel on the wall. Not sure why anything made from wine barrels is so expensive :-/

and the PSith master gets first sucker and lights up NY…
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well be back in an hour and hope i see Wine. Firewood, nice. :slight_smile:

yikes… that’s like $16.75 per coat hook!

I’m retiring from this woot-off.

I like the other dead cask items (votive holder, bottle balancer), but this price is way too much to interest me.

Nay nay my simple friend, this is the start of furniture. See this lovely example here…and you might be able to get enough of these hangers to make one for the price…

somebody did what to the coats??

Woot staff went on vacation and left the monkey in charge? Right?

Welp, I’m out.

Not me. This has become the equivalent of a train wreck or the worst of reality television – it’s among the most horrible things I’ve ever seen (that’s hyperbole), but I can’t stop looking at it.

Maybe that’s what woot is hoping for on this, which is fine, but I’m not giving them any of my money on this garbage.

I keep checking in here, then checking the calendar to see if it is April 1st hrmph!