Wine Cask Creation Red Wine Barrel Lazy Susan with Iron Handle

Wine Cask Creation Red Wine Barrel Lazy Susan with Iron Handle
$89.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Red Wine Barrel Lazy Susan with Iron Handle

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this would make a nice ride-on for the next jackass

is that a chopping board with handles? Make one in the shed.

Chronicle Single Vineyard Zinfandels on for $25

Is this really a polished wine barrel lid for $90?

Would have been nice to have the option of having the underside on top. It’s much prettier and unique.

Also the metal handles cheapen the look, greatly.

Such a shame.

It has sections AND goes in my dishwasher for $30. Pretty, but a little steep.

I got a similar one from Woot! (without the handles) for Christmas two years ago. It has exhibited dramatic warping (1"+ rise on both sides) and is now unusable. Beautiful, but useless…

(edit – On closer inspection, this one appears to have a metal bar underneath to prevent the type of problem I’m describing)

It’s a barrel of fun? :slight_smile:

can buy a whole barrel for that…yikes!


Definitely not a barrel of monkeys :slight_smile:

Yeah, $90 does seem kind of expensive for what this is – $25-30 seems more acceptable.

The barrel cover was to a barrel of monkeys not wine. Does that make it worth $90? In my book, only if they were flying monkeys!

Brave of Wine.woot to offer another barrel top lazy Susan, especially after the last fiasco. The one I purchased for my parents likes to launch things off even during a gentle spin.

On the flip side, if you decide to order this one, it’ll probably get there by Christmas this time.

yea, we deserve that one. These however, are built like a tank. Polar opposite.

It looks as though there are only about 20 of these up for sale, if anyones willing to start buying them as gifts. (looks like 6 sold already from the statistics, extrapolated the remaining bar out; could also have been 12 or any multiple of 6, however, but from the comments I doubt it was any higher)

Also, do wootoff wine purchases enter us for the labrat running?

Or 4 bottles for $100 w/ free shipping. I have a $10 credit there, trying to decide if I should use it on the four pack. Decisions, decisions.

Wasn’t trying to throw punches, WD, but MAN, that holiday deal left me really leery about buying anything that wasn’t a more mass produced, quality controlled item. It’s become a family joke :confused: