Wine Cask Creations

Wine Cask Creations

Wine Cask Stave Bowl
$59.99 (Normally $99.00) 39% off List Price

Folding Wine Stave Chair
$129.99 (Normally $175.00) 26% off List Price

Wine Cask Pub Table
$149.99 (Normally $250.00) 40% off List Price

Wine Cask End Table
$149.99 (Normally $250.00) 40% off List Price

Wine Stave Stool
$199.99 (Normally $275.00) 27% off List Price

Glass Votive Wine Stave Candleholder
$29.99 (Normally $45.00) 33% off List Price

Wine Stave Bottle Balancer
$9.99 (Normally $14.00) 29% off List Price

I love the bottle balancer. I’ve purchased 3 before and each had a unique look due to the cask they were made from. They work well, much sturdier than I was anticipating once you get the bottle balanced. A great gift for a wine lover who likes to display wine, or someone who just likes interesting pieces in their decor.

Does anybody know how these will ship (the tables, in particular)? FedEx, UPS, USPS??

Good Morning!!!

I’m excited to offer some of my larger pieces of furniture and home décor items. Please feel free to ask questions as I will try to answer them as soon as I can.


Pete Troiani
Wine Cask Creations

Really wish I could afford the end table after all the money I spent during the woot off… lol I kept hoping to see these earlier in the week; I already started my xmas shopping. I got the bottle balancers last year and they are really stable once you find the sweet spot.

Thanks for popping in Pete. While these look well built, is there a recommended weight limit for either the folding chair or the stool? I know some people who it seems could turn those staves into splinters.

In the case of both the chair and stool, I noticed the wine-stained side of the staves are part of the seating apparatus. Are these sealed in any way or will the wine bleed at all into any clothing if someone is not extra careful with these items?

Last but not least, how are these constructed? Nails, screws, etc? (looks like screws covered with wooden pegs, but I just wanted to make sure).

Thanks. Also, the shipping question asked before is a good one as well, considering they are likely being shipped full assembled, how can assure they won’t be broken in transit?

Thanks for the email!

Although I can’t specify a weight limit , I can say that I’ve had people that weighed 275 lbs + on both my folding chair and stool with no issues at all. They all both built like a tank and are very sturdy.
I apply a Teak oil to all my products which is a penetrating oil. This oil conditions the wood and seals in any red wine stain.
I use 1 ¼ and 1 5/8th screws for construction on these items and yes…I do use wooden plugs for the screw holes.

These will be shipped via FedEx……and the last part of your question can be answered by WineWoot.



Picked up a few of the stave balancers.

That covers about half of my Christmas shopping, so I have another 3 months to procrastinate on figuring out the others.

Anyone else notice the buy now button is glowing on the Glass Votive Wine Stave Candleholder…woot must really wants me to buy this.

I missed the end table and now I’m really wooted off! Any chance we’ll see this item again??? Please,please, please say yes!

Wooted off? I like that. I may start using that phrase myself.

Given that they were pretty darn popular, it wouldn’t suprise me if you saw a return but I’m just guessing. Keep checking back. Most of the Plus sales are posted at 9am M-F. Notice I said most so don’t come screaming to me if one is at a different time. :tongue:

I wish the bottle balancer worked in my household. I bought one awhile ago and it definitely balances the bottle and looks really neat too. Until my cats knocked it over and I spent a day cleaning wine from the floors. It will be a great Christmas gift for someone I think!