Wine Check and Wine Diaper Travel Kit

The Wine Check and Wine Diaper Travel Kit
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The Wine Check with Shipper Insert
Wine Diaper, Blue 4-Pack

The Wine Check

Ah yes, I always travel with a case of wine.

Just in time for the RPM tour…

Just the Wine Check sells for $75. There was a 20% off deal in January so $60.

Everyone on another board (wine berserkers where the aforementioned sale was) loves these. Todd, owner of both, seems like a good dude. I have zero interest in the diapers but I do want a wine check.

I’ve never heard of wine diapers before haha

I never leave home without one! Your welcome :slight_smile:

I just came back from Costa Rica and used 6 wine diapers in my luggage. No need for a fancy roller box that I have to check, I just put my clothes around the diapers for added protection.

Not for wine, but for some duty free booze and salsa I picked up.

Go get wine diapers… it’s all you really need

And so when one travels internationally with a case of wine, say from Italy to the US, I presume you have to declare it upon landing in the US and pay duty?

Yes, but that’s not as bad as it sounds. The US Duty fees are quite low (typically $1-2/liter), so maybe $10-15 for a case of wine.

Better news: The effort it takes the customs officials to fill out all the paperwork isn’t worth the small fee they would collect so typically if you are bringing back a case of two of wine, you can declare it, and they’ll just wave you through and not bother with the hassle. We brought a case back from France last year, correctly declared it, and the customs official said “enjoy your wine!” and sent us on our way.

Results may vary, past performance does not necessarily predict future results, etc.

So by now every baggage handler knows the look and logo of these things and can steal a bottle or two. You probably won’t even know it when you grab it off the carousel.

good to know thanks!

I travel with styro shippers a lot, and declare them as wine and fragile when checking them in. They plaster fragile stickers with wine glasses on them all over the box. Never lost a bottle, so I doubt not a problem with these either.

I’ve had my Wine check for 4 years & it’s made 15+ trips back & forth from SFO to CRP. It’s great for bringing home bottles during the summer heat when you don’t want to wait until November to get those special bottles.

We also use it in the car while we’re visiting wineries. Freeze a bottle or two of water and use it as a cooler during the day.

Depending upon our flight options, sometimes we carry it out collapsed in a carry on duffle bag & pick up the shipper case at a winery. Other times we carry it out empty (with the shipper in it) and put toys etc for the grand babies in it.

It’s held up very well & we always get lots of questions from fellow winos @ SFO. It’s easier for me (50 something gal) to lug around than a standard styro shipper case. The handles and wheels are very durable, and the adjustable strap is long enough for my short arms. It takes a little practice starting & stopping pulling it on the wheels (the center of gravity of the case of wine is low to the ground), but much better than having to get a cart or pick it to carry it.

I cannot recommend it highly enough!

And no … I have NO connection or financial interest in The Wine Check & I have no idea who the owners are. We bought ours at one of the wine stores in Napa in 2010.

Same thing happen to me coming back from Belgium. I do have the diapers and use them whenever I travel to bring home beer/wine.

Dan Tudor, Winemaker from Tudor Wines here, I have two of these and I take at least one full of wine everywhere I go. This product is terrific! For international travel it’s particularly handy in case you want to stroll past customs following the Green Line with an oblivious look on your face. :wink:

You must be new 'round these parts! :slight_smile: Wine diapers/jet bags are old news here on w.woot. You’ve missed many a fascinating debate. People who never leave home w/o them versus people who think plastic bags/dirty laundry work just as well. Good times.

This case thing is new to me, though. Interesting…

Hey folks! Happy to see all these comments, as we don’t often get to read experiences like what I see here. Amazing that one of you has one of the VERY first ones, and that those externally-mounted wheels still are attached. We re-designed it to have the semi-recessed wheels, and some 25,000 Wine Checks later…not a single wheel has been ripped off by the airline industry!

I love the diapers as a combo, and told Max at Wine.Woot that it was a good mix because even I still travel once in a while with a bottle or two in my luggage. MOST of the time, you should travel with a full case, but sometimes…a couple bottles in luggage is ok :wink:

I’m here for questions if anyone needs answers!

Todd French - co-founder, The Wine Check

The good thing about the wine diapers is if the bottle breaks, the wine and glass are contained. When friends visit from out of town, I send them off with a bottle or two all diapered up. No wet and stained clothing in your luggage. Just wrapping the bottle in clothing is a risk. I also use the wine diaper when taking a bottle or two in my car to a dinner or holiday party. You never know when you might drop one on the driveway!

FYI, the wine diapers are good to use IN a Wine Check, if you fly Southwest out of Denver, as we’ve heard from two customers who were forced to buy wineskin-type bags for each bottle, even though they aren’t designed to really hold any liquid, should breakage occur. Never have any issues at any other airline, in any location. In fact…I might have to get some wine diapers!