Wine Country Chocolates Assorted Artisan Truffle 24 Pack

Wine Country Chocolates Assorted Artisan Truffle 24 Pack
$29.99 + $5 shipping
1 Dozen Barista’s Blend
1 Dozen Vintner’s Blend


Wow, are these really $1.50 a pop?

$23 for 12 pieces on main site.

Just cause it’s cheaper on Woot than on their main site doesn’t mean these are worth the money.

I have a quick question that will soon be lost, but what band of crystal glasses would you recommend?

I have bought a few glasses from Riedel, but they brake too easily. Also, if it matters, I am looking for stemless crystal. thanks for the help, obviously I am new to this.

I didn’t claim they were. Just pointing out how much they are on their main site.

Does this mean there will be no sea salt caramels:(

I’ve heard good things about the Tritan brand, e.g. Tritan Bordeaux Glasses from Amazon.

Artisan truffles? Doesn’t Dominos now sell artisan pizza, and Burger King artisan burgers?

Anybody know the net wt. of the truffles?

Freaking yum. In for one. Btw, Brandini states on FB that his toffee will make an appearance this woot off :slight_smile:

So does the “Must be 21 or older to receive this package” rule apply to these?

Yes, the cachet of the word artisan has been diluted.

This has become a regular stop for me on Sonoma trips. The chocolate is excellent, the flavors are complementary and I’d compare it favorably to vosges and other high end chocolates I’ve had.

I have actually visited this place while we were in Sonoma (it is right off the square downtown) and can attest that these are very high quality. We thoroughly enjoyed all that we tried (they have quite a few different flavors, most of which involve a wine varietal). You will not be disappointed.

I realize this is weird, but I have less of an objection to the price and more of one with the semi-gibberish “Winery Details.” Would bug me less if their site didn’t give me the impression that they’ve previously spoken English.

Honestly, if you want stemless and durable you might as well pick up some Libby tumblers at about a buck apiece at discount stores.

Yep. This isn’t some Whitman’s Sampler. While I can’t vouch for how good these particular chocolates are, we usually buy from one of our local chocolate makers and their prices are around $2/ea. Expensive, but well worth it for gifts and a treat.

Not stemless, but I have been happy with the Spieglau line of wine classes on Amazon. Like this one: