Wine Filled Truffles

I’m on my ancient blackberry so I can’t see the brand in the pic as I can’t enlarge. So I also can’t look these up online! Can anyone please tell me?

Anyone know how heavy 12 or 24 truffles might on average be, to get an idea of price per pound?


Wine Filled Truffles
$19.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Decadent
Product: 2 Twelve Piece Boxes

Product Website

Want to order but once again no shipping to APO AE. All other APO’s are available. Where’s the love for AE?

It’s G. Debbas. Normally one box of 12 retails for $22 from their site.

Thank you! Do You know if it’s really good or just at the See’s level?

These are yummy. On the “real” chocolate level. This from a girl who has family in Belgium and has spent time there each year.

A bit incongruously, I found a couple reviews and the chocolates selling for $27 a dozen plus $7 shipping at ShopNBC.|t317&prop=Gourmet%20Food|2099&prop=Gift%20Baskets|2216&catprop=2216

I am confused. The description lists they are filled with Cabernet, Port, Champagne, and Chardonnay. Put the product website doesn’t mention the champagne. I think there are only 3 kinds in each box.

Lovely lovely lovely thank you.
I’ll always appreciate a Belgian chocolate sensibility! Went in for two (four). Make good presents too…

Being a chocophile from england I’ve learned to appreciate that the mass market dreck in the US confectionary market (and beer for that matter) doesn’t mean the boutique makers can’t be as good as any.

Should be:
*4 Milk Chocolate Port
*4 White Chocolate Chardonnay
*4 Dark Chocolate Cabernet