Wine Folly 'Basic Wine Guide' Poster

Wine Folly ‘Basic Wine Guide’ 18 x 24" Poster
Sold by: Wine Country Accessories
Sale Price: $29.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $41.00 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 27% off List Price

$30 for a 18x24 poster???

It’s a printed piece of paper, right? Did I miss the part where it come with some actual wine?

The actual company’s printing is $34. Daaaaamn.

It’s the quality of the printing and the paper.

18" x 24" Full Color Offset Lithograph Print
Light-Fast Resilient Soy-Based Inks w/UV Coating
High Gloss Stencil Highlighting Wine Colors
80# Text Pearlescent Super-Bright Paper
Natural pigments – mica-coated – no foils or metals.
FSC® certified
SFI® Certified Sourcing
Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) Virgin Fiber
Acid-free for increased longevity and performance.

Is it vegan and gluten-free?

If you were a real wine connoisseur you would not need it and if you were a lay person you would get a book and not show the poster as a sign of inadequacies

A $30 poster aimed at oenophiles containing information that any oenophile would already know.

At least slap a cheap frame on it.

I just took a screenshot of the preview pics. Now I don’t need to buy :slight_smile:

There is a pretty glaring mistake in the color row. It has ‘Pale Gold’ listed twice. The first one should be ‘Platinum Yellow’ as you can see in this correct version on the Wine Folly website.

Sorry, $30 for misprinted posters isn’t a great deal. This is pretty shady in my opinion…

Still doesn’t even come close to justifying the price you charge.

Actually thinking about buying this, but first had to join the discussion to say they didn’t put HD photos so when I pull up the poster I can’t even tell what it says lol. Maybe they did this so they could sell shady mis-prints as the guy above states. Shame Amazon(woot) shame! Also this is not a deal. Please bring back deals, don’t sell misprint wine posters for an insane amount.

update edit check wine folly website it is listed for 34$ and the pictures are just as piss poor quality as on woot. Someone send them a refurbished open box go pro to snap a pic with. Really unfortunate as the book looks cool, maybe sell that for a deal.

WOW… great catch! The posters are misprints or “seconds” and that is NOT shown on the listing. Wouldn’t be the first time though, that I thought I was purchasing a “new” product on Woot! and it was actually a “second” item with flaws. I’m interested to hear from Woot! if the ones they are selling are, in fact, the misprints or if it’s just old pictures being used in the listing??

They don’t put HD photos up there because there are a lot of nefarious people out there that would copy it and sell it.

The poster you receive will be high quality.

You will receive the latest version of the poster. We’re not selling seconds.

Hi there!

The print you will receive is super high resolution. The reason the images are not high resolution is to help prevent stolen artwork. We’ve had our designs stolen in the past, so if someone tries to steal it now, they won’t be able to print in high resolution.

Ben @ Wine Folly

Well now, aren’t you clever. =)


Yes, and yes. Though, I don’t recommend eating it…but hey, who am I to tell you what to do.


Well, err… I don’t mean to be nit picky, but it’s $29.99. So, while it doesn’t come with actual wine, now you have an extra penny you didn’t think you had, and if you add one dollar and ninety-nine cents to that penny, you could get yourself some 2-buck chuck!