Wine Folly 'Different Types of Wine' Poster

Wine Folly ‘Different Types of Wine’ 18 x 24" Poster
Sold by: Wine Country Accessories
$29.99 $41.00 27% off List Price

Thirty dollars for a freaking 18"x24" poster???

Amazon in their greed has killed this site. Good riddance.

Amazon has a larger version for the same price:

Woot: 18" x 24"
Amazon: 29" x 38"

amazon doesn’t sell the gourmet items… they’re hosted from other retailers I thought…

for this price, shouldn’t it be mounted and framed? good gawd!

Or, at the very least, come with wine

You thought wrong. Click the link provided and you’ll see this same poster in a larger size for $29.99 on Amazon.

That’s the same image but not the same quality image. Probably stealing the design from Wine Folly.

That’s printed on gloss where ours is matte.

Overall, Gourmet Woot has been a huge disappointment. Bring back the wine.

We’d love to but stupid laws.

Hi there!

I’m sorry that you are not happy with the price of our poster. We take great pride in producing the highest quality posters out there. They’re printed in the US, using paper from US mills, using forest certified papers. Beyond this, your purchase goes to support great free wine content found on our site!

Hey! Ben from Wine Folly here.

That amazon poster you found is of very low quality because the only way they have this design is they stole the low-resolution image from our website. Unfortunately this is a constant battle for us. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the one you linked, you will be disappointed with the quality and won’t be able to read the text!

Thanks very much for jumping in! Madeline PUckette is one of the brightest voices in wine today. this well constructed poster is an example of her wine smarts. and it’s a work of art, IMO.

good on ya Madeline!

Hi there scottyinco!

I thought you might like to see a little bit more about what differentiates our posters from other posters you might find in retail stores. Our goal is to make the highest quality posters you can find. From the ink, paper, printing technique, and hours upon hours of time and energy that went into the design itself (which, by the way, was done by Madeline, our co-founder - as were all the poster designs we sell!)

Thanks for checking out our poster and leaving a comment, we appreciate it!

Who cares? It’s a 30$ poster. Talk about price gouging!!

It’s fine to express your opinion but please be respectful to our vendors. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I don’t care what quality your product is, in today’s digital printing age, the price is ludicrous. As far supporting your ‘free’ content, the contribution should be voluntary, not extortion while purchasing something. I guess the content isn’t ‘free’ then. It’s a big internet out there, there’s lots of quality free content about wine.

I am clearly not the target market for this product. I’m not sure who is, but it’s not me. LOL

Wow, am I naive! I had no idea this type of thing goes on… Blatant stealing? Thanks for the info.