Wine Glass Writer

These are $9.95 on I miss the days when was actually the cheapest place to purchase an item.

That’s for ONE three-pack. The comparable deal here is for THREE three-packs (9 pens).

You’re getting 3 SETS OF 3 PENS here so 9 pens.

Is there an echo in here?

We were typing at the same time. :tongue:

Got these for Christmas. Haven’t used them yet, though, so this is all just worthless information. :slight_smile:

And we thank you for providing it.

I just use these…

My wife bought me the Wine Glass Writer Metallic Pens for Christmas last year and we love them. I’ve never been a fan of wine charms or accidentally swiping someone else’s wine glass which makes these markers the perfect remedy. We also use these on glassware when we have guests over.

These are pretty awesome and a great deal (9 pens). I almost positive we paid full retail…

Like Nathan above not a wine charm fan but got some of the metallic ones free at a tasting and we like them, use them.

These write really well. I think the Metallic ones are really classy but I’m a fan of the other one because the blue and green colors really show up. They also don’t smudge - it takes a little bit of pressure to remove it off the glass. But when it comes time to wash off, it’s really easy. I like it for that reason because when you write on round glass surfaces it takes one or two tries to write the names prettily.

Sooooooo…they’re grease pencils? Or do the same thing, just for more money?

No, these are not grease pencils. Some variation of a marker/dry erase marker. They are pretty cool.

I have to use Amazon payments? Does that mean free shipping?

Yes, shipping is built-in to wine.woot offers

We’ve been using these for years. It works best to wipe off the writing with a damp cloth or sponge prior to putting in the dishwasher…if you don’t wash your wine glasses by hand.

Yes, but with shipping here, those three packs are now $30-31. On Amazon, with Prime shipping, the three packs are just shy of $30. So Double Bubbles’ comment stands. As of recent, woot! very often is not the best deal, and, if so, often by only pennies. Not much of a discount for limited-time, impulse buy.

EDIT: I did not realize that shipping was built in to all wine woot! offers, so, yes, a better deal here. (But still not by much.)