Wine Grape Bonsai advice?

Dear wooters,
I tried to ask for some updates/advice, but the wine.woot moderator deleted my post. I’m wondering if anyone else who got one of the wine-grape vine bonsais back in December can give me an update. I feel like I’ve been watering a dead tree all winter. Does anyone’s have leaves yet? When might I expect to see some signs of life? Anyone?

Not sure where you live but we grow grapes and they are pretty dormant this time of year. Bonsai trees typically are not meant to be indoor plants though many people try to raise them like houseplants. Do some research for your area and see what the growing season is for grapes. I’d suspect that even in the far north within another 6 weeks you should see signs of life. I’d google your specific type of Bonsia grape and see what the growing requirements are. Bonsias are great fun!