Wine Grape Bonsai

If you’re looking for wine, it’s still available here.

Wine Grape Bonsai
$34.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Sonoma County vines
Product: 1 Wine Grape Bonsai

No CT link and yay/boo for gift week!

Gift week!

My bonsai from last year is still alive and kickin

how many grapes can one expect to get with this?

So are we active for gift week? Offering tomorrow morning?

Perfect for every Wine enthusiast as well as any Karate Kid fan.

There’s bound to be at least 4 of those on everybody’s shopping list.

Hmm, do these need any special conditions? I.e. will they live in upstate NY? Also, do the normal wine.woot state/age restrictions apply to non-alcohol products (I assume not…)?

I stole the question from ckeilah. sorry.

$75.95 from Amazon/Organic Style
$64.99 from 1-800 flowers

Is there any way to find out the age of the plant before buying it?

How temperamental are these things when it comes to climate?

Looks a lot better than the juniper I got last year.

What’s the root stock?

Ha! now the cats out of the bag as to where Winedavid sources his grapes for a woot wine. Its from his windowsill…

since its gift week again is it gonna be a new item every 12 hours or 24 hours (last year was 12 hours)

Looks awesome and is a perfect gift for my friends.

Buyer beware, bonsai like this are typically the stuff that can’t make great bonsai starter material, so they’re chopped and stuffed in clay, then shipped world-wide. You can make a decent bonsai out of them, but know that you’re buying something that hasn’t had a lot of attention paid to it. Your first job when you receive something like this is likely making sure the thing isn’t dead, is the right species you think it is, and what the soil/light/water needs of that species are.

I’ve never heard of wine bonsai, but bonsai are a LOT of work. Don’t give this as an off-hand gift, or chances are better than even that the tree will be neglected and die. Do your research instead.

edit: FWIW if you’re worried about climate, most non-tropicals need to live outside, or be tended very closely. Not sure about this one though, without knowing the species.

Some care instructions for those who are interested…

It would be cool to get one just to yell, “Bonsaiiiiiii!” When I open the package.

Reminder, The Woot Cellars wine is still available here: