Wine Line 12 Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Rack

Kind of fun this (had it before, a month ago here). Can you string these together into a big pole, or maybe a teepee?

We ordered this last time it was up and have been painting so it’s not on the wall yet.

The instructions state it guarantees to keep your corks wet when bottles are inserted properly. I remember that was a bone of contention during the last time it appeared.

You could install them one on top of the other along the wall. I wouldn’t recommend installing at an angle as it uses gravity to keep the bottles in place and any angle would cause them to fall.

im sure it would take my kids 2.5 seconds to pull on one of the bottles and break it in half lol

Is this safe? Sturdy? I’d think the bottles would pop right out of there!

No dimensions on it? I’d like to know the height of the full line to know whether these will fit in my kitchen.

I’ve had a similar unit for over 3 years, and have never had a bottle pop, fall, break off or become dislodged.

Do: use anchors rated for the 50+ lbs this could weigh loaded. Specific anchors for your wall. Go to hardware store where all the employees are 70+ y.o. guys if unsure on this.

Don’t: mount where the sun’s gonna beat down on it. Consider all seasons, too – different sun angle and direction for different times of year.

Guests think it’s cool. Display the prettiest bottles, not necessarily the best ones!

I wonder if this has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and if so, if it was discontinued due to complaints. It’s listed as “unavailable” or ‘not in stock’ at two different seller sites, including Amazon’s retailer.

Google product search brings up only three retailers’ listings–one of which is the sold out Amazon page and the other two are unknown (to me) online storefronts asking at least $55 for it after shipping.

If we’re just talking about money, it seems like a good deal. Unless it has been discontinued because the design leads to broken necks and subsequent wine stains on the floor beneath. Or vice-versa, depending on whether we’re talking about the bottles’ necks or the consumers’.

Thanks! This is good to know.

Then again, with the woot-off going on, I’m not sure I should thank you until I check my budget. As you may have noticed, I had just talked myself out of the purchase…

Anyone know if this can hang horizontally instead of vertically? Like above a breakfast bar?

So, …
Am I the only one who can’t get the ‘detail’ page for the ‘current’ Wine.Woot item to come up???
I can see the current offering in the preview box on “Woot”, but when I click on it, this Wine Rack just keeps coming up