Wine Line Accessories 11-Pack

Wine Line Accessories 11-Pack
$9.99 $59.99 83% off List Price
3 - Smith Multi Function Stopper-Random Color from Pink, Silver Black
2 - Tonne Au-Random color Silver, Black, Pink, White
1 - 2 Pack-Bamboo Stopper
1 - 6 in 1 Bottle Shaped Corkscrew-Random Color Red, Silver, Blue, Silver
1 - 4 in 1 bottle shaped Mini Corkscrew-Random Color Red, Silver, Blue, Silver
1 - 2 bottle non woven wine bag-Random color Red, Gray, Black

I can’t seem to find a way to come up with 11 items from the descriptions. No matter, the foil cutter and the champagne stopper alone make it worth the price. And who doesn’t want a 4 function keychain corkscrew? Or a 6 function one with a toothpick, no less.

If you add the foil cutter and wine glass carrier (which aren’t listed where the quantities are shown for some reason), that gets you to Spinal Tap levels. The picture actually shows 12 items but the bamboo stoppers are counted as 1 two-pack.

Agree that the bottle-shaped mini-corkscrews are pretty cool and I have been meaning to pick up some champagne stoppers. The glass carrier would be great for flights and verticals. I’m in for 2 at least.

Does that wine carrier not terrify anyone else? The wire gauge and construction doesn’t seem like it would handle six bottles, let alone one.

Wine glass carrier.

um, it’s for wine glasses. not bottles.

Beat you to it, LOL.

Well, now I look stupid. Haha! So much for reading comprehension!

numbers are hard

ETA: now it’s much better.

Just what I don’t need. More junk/stuff to collect (dust) and find a place for.
In for two.