Wine Line Random Wine Accessories (15)

i’m telling you, this is a great deal.

Fine. Twist my arm.

I got the mailer and it was quite heavy. My wife thought it had been beaten up in transit and likely everything in it was broken. She was wrong.

I got 3 of the larger bottle-shaped openers and 9(!) of the smaller sized openers. They all appear to be solid and well made. There were 3 of the large foil cutters and 2 wine stoppers, though I don’t know if they’re the Tonne Au’s or the Smiths. They are the ones in the 3rd photo, but the sides are white. And finally there were 5 stylish waiter’s corkscrews, which are not pictured at all.

So 22 items in all. No glass carrier or bamboo stoppers, but it wouldn’t be random if I got one of everything, right? Lots of nice stocking stuffers for my wineaux friends and family, for only 55 cents apiece. Yeah, that’s value.