Wine Magic Bottle Opener - 2 Pack



If I link to a different, random product…will anyone notice?

Froogle Link Minimum Price $16.26 X 1 =$16.26 (well what do you know, its a 2 pack!)

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $19.95 X 1 = $19.95 (again!)

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $19.02 X 1 = $19.02 (and again!!) Link $25.20 via UnbeatableSale, Inc

[URL=]Manufacturer Page


Looks like junk


anyone know how it works?


hey two wine openers to go with the two bottles on
shame i do not really like wine and i know how to open my own with a real corkscrew


yea yea i missed it in the text, nevermind


Man, if you want to REALLY be classy, just get one of these. They only look hard to use, which makes it impressive, and they’re actually quite fast.


Not bad, quite a bit cheaper than others I’ve seen.


useful linkage time…

BizRate Prices… Set of two Prices… Set of two

MSN Shopping Prices… Set of two

… just get the woot… i won’t… cuz i like my rabbit… this thing scares me… here’s a link for
Rabbit Wine Openers on BizRate… these things are a life saver… some are quite cheap.


My vote for worst woot. Whatever happened to Woot Wine?


isn’t this what wine.woot is for??


nice product have used… woot price… but no need for another I prefer boxed… lol


definitely an interesting idea, but there is no cork in my usual box of wine.


Is this for handicapped people?


This is a great gift for all the wusses on your Christmas, Hanuka, Winter Celbration, or whatever list that can’t open a bottle of wine properly.


Only 30 dumps from each canister? Wouldn’t last a weekend here.


retarded. It’s not unlimited uses, u have to buy propellant canisters after 30 or so uses. I’d get it as a x-mas present for my parents but propellant canisters - gay!


like magic! I’m in, looks like a thoughtful gift.


OH Woot!

You are turning me into a <burp> boozer…


Looks like it could be cool, but who wants only 30 uses and worrying about refills of air? You know what works just as good to open up wine bottles? It’s this new thing on the market, maybe you’ve heard of it: It’s called “A Little Effort and Some Elbow Grease.” It does the trick every time.