Wine Preservers

Not to burst anyone’s bubble or anything, but just as a heads up I got the “Private Preserve” on a previous sale. I have not used it all because of this, but thus far I have been rather unimpressed.

Thus far from my experience, the best affordable way to preserve is the ~$8-15 simple vacuum hand pump you see at a lot of stores. Even the fancy Sharper Image one I got one time doesn’t do as well as that.

I have 2 Savino Connoisseur: Wine Preserving Carafe each of my homes and they are amazing.

I. Have used it to savor a bottle of red wine for a week and the last glass was just as great as the first.

I have tried the pumps and the never seem to do much.

Yes I do enjoy wine we have about 250 bottles cellared between the two homes so yes we really do drink wine.

We have given these as gifts and our friends love the as well.

Worth every penny very well made and simple design…I wish I had invented it.

I’m the only red wine drinker in our household, so I usually stretch a bottle out over 2 or 3 days. I used a Vacu-Vin for a long time before switching to the gas. When I return to a bottle that I gassed, the wine really seems to be just as I left it a night or two earlier. I never had that feeling with the Vacu-Vin.