Wine RayZyn Dried Grape Sampler (12)

$19.99 for 4.8 ounces of dried wine grapes? That’s $66 a pound for raisins! If you bought these raisins I have a bridge I think you’ll be interested in…

Check your math.
19.2 oz. Still, $16.67/lb makes for pricey grapes.

“Crunchy”? Since when were raisins ‘crunchy’???

The math was solid. It’s the reading skills that were lacking. He didn’t notice that there are four (4) pouches of each.

Ok, they’re pricey. Still interesting. Has anyone actually tried these? Might make a good gift basket item for a wine-living friend, but if they are just fancy raisins, no deal.

These are crunchy because they are made from wine grapes, not seedless grapes. These wine grapes are dried with the seeds in them, which makes them have a nutty, crunchy flavor. The seeds also make them high in fiber and have more antioxidants than wine.

We have used these in gift baskets before, and wine lovers really enjoy tasting the actual wine grape varietals that go into making their favorite wines. :slight_smile: They are also really good for you.