Wine Spectator Menu Light

Wine Spectator Menu Light
$0.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Wine Spectator Menu Light

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Is this one of those situations where we should all buy 3 just to keep the line moving?



Well, it has been 5 minutes and it seems that no one has bought any. Maybe there’s only 3 - don’t you want to know? :wink:

edit: Sale! And now estimates just under 8 hours to go.

Another California wine light from wine.woot? Will we ever see a wine light from another region, such as the Northwest, Michigan, or God forbid, the Finger Lakes?

And what would happen if I put this light in the same cage with a pet rock?

Yes, and to make the shipping cost somewhat reasonable.

can someone explain what this is / does?? thanks…

Well, I think that would depend on the igneous content of the pet rock.

It helps you to read a menu in a dark restaurant. And it comes with a handy-dandy CA vintage chart.

edit: It could also be used to check out your blind date in a dark restaurant. Never commit sight unseen.

LOL gotcha, thank you.

I can take your igneous rocks or leave 'em. I relate primarily to micas, quartz, feldspar. You can keep your Pyroxenes, magnetites and coarse grained plutonics as far as I’m concerned.

So I can now go to be with assurance that all I’m missing is a night light?

You: “Yes, sweetums, it is dark in here. But don’t worry - I have excellent night vision. Ah, see…they have a 2007 Cabinet Suave Anon from Screaming Monkey Vineyards. The waiter says it isn’t ready for drinking yet, but we could wait until after the salad…”

Incredibly hot date: “It’s Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s French.”

You: “Ah, but of course, may wee. I was distracted by the muskmelons and - hey - where are you going?”

“Was it something I said???”

Such heartache! Such desolation! If only you had a Wine Spectator Menu Light, the night could have turned out differently…

While I can appreciate the benefits of the Wine Spectator light in dimly lit restaurant environs on blind dates, I must sheepishly concede that most of my blind dates have seemed to be more “natural” in settings with strobe lighting than with Wine Spectator menu lighting.

Of course as the amount of wine remaining in the bottle becomes less and the hour becomes later, the lighting, whether strobe or WS, seems to become less significant.

And then in the morning - it’s Groundhog Day.

Wootalyzer’s now at 16 hours. I’ll see you all when I start my shift tomorrow.

Edit: 17 and a half hours.


they should replace the description with what you just wrote.