Wine Stave 3 Candleholder with Glass Votives

I’m thinking Christmas present…

I wonder if you can lick the wood and taste any wine?

Can someone recommend some good cheese pairings for this? Thanks in advance!

These candle holders are great…My wife purchased them during the holidays last year and made for perfect gifts

Inasmuch as these are made of wood, are they flammable? Seems a bit daft to make candleholders out of something flammable, but with art these days and all…

AH HA! That’s what that’s for!

I got one of these in the ballyhooed bag of…yknow for Christmas and thought woot just gave me an interesting piece of wood. Another mystery solved!

In for 1.
Or is it 3?

Want to sell it? I’ll give you $5. :happy:

The wife is a candle nut. I don’t get it but in for one.

See, and it’s already making me money!

But really… $5. :wink:

And if it’s made of wood, it must be…


Seems overpriced to me.

The last one offered had five candles; this one has three.

I thought so! I saw it and thought, Three? I figured I had misremembered. It was almost a year ago that the madness of gift week (although now gift week is just another week).


after making a huge mistake and ordering the wine barrel lazy susan which I couldn’t even sell for 2.00 at a garage sale, I don’t know if I’m brave enough, or should that be foolish enough to try again. Does anyone have this from here? I have seen them at costco, where at least you can return if it’s carp.

Looking at the bright side these special offerings give my wallet a break.

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Grazie di Tutto.

Pete Troiani