Wine Stave Bottle Balancer



Wine Cask Creations Wine Stave Bottle Balancer
$9.99 $20.00 50% off List Price



I remember my dad having one of these in the kitchen. He used to always yell at me because I would always knock it down.

If I actually knew what I was doing, I would make my own


Does the Wellington Pinot shown come with???

Now that would be a great deal :slight_smile:


You guys are brave! Putting a $300 bottle in that thing. I would never risk such expensive juice in an odd shaped piece of wood.


Is my D’ontSpille Le Black worth $300 now? I may never open them!


One of the lamest Woot-Off’s ever!!!


This is really visually striking and someday when I live in a house without cats or children I may purchase one. Put these on sale in 2026 and then we’re talking!


I love these and have given them as gifts. They were very well received. I, like you, have a cat…so a no go personally.


I got two of these a couple of years ago for gifts. They do work and look nice on the counter. One was a little less stable than the the other.They are a bit more classy than the slightly larger than life resin drinkin’ squirrel wine holder than I use myself.


Step 1: grab 2x4
Step 2: cut 2x4 into 8 pieces
Step 3: drill hole in 2x4
Step 4: Sell on woot for $10 each and laugh all the way to the bank!


I opened my last one a few days ago. It was time for the wine. On the other hand, I’m sure the printed label has some remaining life!


Very disappointed that doesn’t balance my box of Franzia.


Exactly. The crap people buy astounds me.


Ouch! I bought these exact bottle balancers from Woot (same supplier too) a couple of years ago for $6/each. That’s like a 75% price increase on something that just isn’t worth $10… I bought 3 and gave them away as gifts with bottles of wine and people liked them, but $10? Sorry…no go for me this time.


I came here to post this…

D’ontspille was probably my best QPR purchase ever on Wine.Woot. Much thanks to all those who worked to put that deal together!


Right, because everyone owns woodworking tools and has old oak barrels laying around just waiting to do a project like this in order to save $10.


Yes. The only place the bottle was sold was in woot and the last time it was offered it was for $300 a bottle.


not to mention knowing the right angle to cut it lol


No tools + no skills + no oak barrels + no time = I’m in!