Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

Wine Stave Bottle Balancer
$10.99 $20.00 45% off List Price

We stupidly balanced a bottle of red wine in this on our kitchen counter and one night, after having a few glasses of wine, we accidentally knocked this over…bottle fell and rolled/broke, spilling wine and glass everywhere…we had to repaint and cry about the expensive bottle we lost. Now it sits in a drawer.

Great news…

Woot’s “Summer Shipping” now available with this fine “bottle balancer”.

But I don’t see SC listed as a “ship to” state. #sad

Not sure if you’re kidding about the ship-to list.

Well, there’s no ship-to list showing, since it’s not a restricted product, so technically, SC is not on a ship-to list. Curiously, SC still shows white on the sales map. Perhaps woottoady’s post has them all scared off. :wink:
Meanwhile, the wootbots’ plea for a Quality Post on this item is likely to go unfulfilled. I mean, it’s a wine stave bottle balancer. What is there to say about it that’s of any quality? We do happen to like ours, but we keep it away from dangerous areas of countertops.

I have one of the ones that also holds glasses when you put the stave over the top of a bottle. I prefer that style since last chance of the accident mentioned above :slight_smile:

Reminds me I have a couple of Dontspill Le Black in the cool corner of the basement…

I am fondly remembering the Pinot in the bottle displayed: Woot Cellars, “Don’t Spill Le Black”. That wine just kept on improving the longer it was around. I think I have one left somewhere.

And where can we find this basement of which you speak?

Probably the best QPR wine I’ve ever purchased on this site. Better than Monkey Prize in terms of value, imho.

yea, that woot cellars went quick. Peter was very proud of that wine.

And I was very thankful to him for practically giving it away to his internet buddies on winewoot!

Is there one made for my boxes of Franzia? I’ve tried with this one but just can’t get it to balance.