wine tasting in willamette for one day, which region?


we are going tasting in oregon the first weekend of july. from the limited research i have done, there appear to be four regions. does someone have a suggestion as to which region is fun, where their favorite vineyards are, or what characterizes the different regions?

would love some input!

thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, I haven’t been to that part of the country tasting - I have ordered some Oregon wines from woot, that were excellent. If you ever are traveling in Sonoma, Michigan, Niagara, or TN - I can suggest some excellent wineries in those areas.
I hope you will report back after your trip how it went!

I do suggest that you pose your question on wine.woot (if you haven’t already), there are several regulars from the west coast that can probably give you some input.
Good luck - and keep us posted :slight_smile:


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