Wine Teasers Wine Game

I bought 3 of them before Christmass at 3.99 a piece. They are a lot of fun and give interesting facts. Definantly worth .99

Scored 3 last time, scored 3 this time…

in for 2 because they are cheap. Hopefully this goes fast so we can back to wine!

still $5 shipping? cmon, you can ship these for a stamp

We have fun with this when the wine snobs show up. It often seems they don’t know as much as they think they do. Only negative: the questions do get a little redundant.

From BoardGameGeek:

"Whether it’s 2 people or 20, your next gathering will be filled with laughter and learning! More than just a trivia game, Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers wine game combines questions, hints, chance, and even the occasional diabolical maneuver to provide the most fun wine learning experience possible!

Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers is perfect for wine-tastings, informal get-togethers, staff training, and even personal reference for learning or when shopping for wines.

The game comes with 100 questions, each with its own hint and discussion paragraph; 30 wine bottle cards with labels, description, and food pairings for real wines available throughout the U.S; quick-start rules card and full rules sheet; pronunciation guide; and 4 hint credits."

There are absolutely no ratings or user reviews in this game. I don’t think I’ve stumbled across a game with no ratings before, so I’m not sure what to make of that.

A $1.66 stamp? :wink:

I’m sure that’s factored into the price.

C’m Ownnn. For just $2.66 each (if you buy three) you and your friends can learn what a “punt” is while getting smashed on that Wellington you’ve been trying to save for a special occasion. Easy gift to ship too.

I love to make gift baskets… with bottles of wine, bath products, etc. These will work great in them as an accoutrement to the wine.

In for 3

The review earlier is for the 2nd edition game which is totally different then this edition. Still I am thinking in for 3 at this price.

Being young and just getting into wine, this would be great for learning I believe.

In for 3: 1 for me, 1 for my mom, and 1 for…why not buy 3 right?

Umm…Ok. I’m old. JagRISK?

Give me Cheese!

Is there a way to check what was on the Woot-off while I got my much needed rest? I fell asleep during the 5k Long Track skating & the last wine.woot I remember is the Pinot Noir two pack.

The Pinot was up allllll night. You can check by clicking on the “community” tab at the top of the page.

Gave me a headache just thinking about this game.

I was actually happy about that. I am sick as a dog and couldn’t stay up. When the Pinot was still up this morning, I popped my daytime cold meds and set myself up for the woot-off long haul, complete with laptop, pillow, tea and plenty of tissues, so I don’t even have to move off of the couch.

Bring on the rapid-fire fermented grape juice!!!

Someone had this at the Dayton woot. We didn’t really play it. We were too busy getting to know each other and trying the wines that were brought.

I decided at $2.66 each (if you buy 3) is a pretty good deal for some last min hostess gifts or something of that nature.

Ya…I was trying also to get back to juice!

Thanks for the info – how had I missed that link? Can’t blame it on the wine, have to blame it on the lack of coffee this morning.

Sorry to see I missed the Ty Caton Cab yesterday morning – I got the Red Zepp – but wasn’t too interested in the spices, Vinturi (got one), wine saver (umm . . … doesn’t seem to be an issue around here), Chardonnays or Pinots. We’re heading out to Napa in late March & are trying to save moola for purchases out there, but if I were to see a deal I can’t pass up – I’d be in.

More wine, less wine stuff!