Wine Teasers Wine Game



In for 3. Hello, next year’s stocking stuffers!


So. Damn. White.


Here’s some info on the differences between the 1st edition (this one) and the newer 2nd edition:

I’m in for three anyway. What the heck.



Shoot, I think it’s pretty good holding off buying anything this wootoff until now. Maybe with these I can get some friends to actually help me drink some wine…


Has anyone actually tried to play this at a wine.woot gathering?


In for 3. Could be a nice housewarming or hostess gift to go along with a bottle of wine.


Is it possible to play strip wine teasers??? Maybe I’m in for one…


Got 3 of these myself last time they were up. Great gifts. Might even keep one myself. :slight_smile:


another wootoff killer


By my math this has been up for 45 minutes, selling at a good clip for that amount of time. I’d guess a turnover around 8pm EST to the next item. Not a killer. Momentum seems to be fairly constant. I suspect the largest issue is that there’s a lot of them. Take the hit for $8 if you want to speed it along.


We deserve some Corison to make up for it!


41% sold in 45 mins. 8pm sounds like a good estimate.


I’m banking on the fact that people are leaving work now in two time zones. Come on, buy 'em up!


im in for 3, two are for gifts, one for me.


My first wine woot! makes sense to get 2 more for $1.98. In for 3!


These are great! I picked up 3 during the last wootoff and used them as gifts. Everybody loved em.

Yes the rules are very easy to modify to make this a drinking/stripping game.


I’m going to go ahead and say that it was excessive at this point. Stock just plummeted. Woo-hoo.


in for three… already know who i’m giving them to.


Now we just need a few more to fall on their swords for the last few of these and we can get back [hopefully] to juice.