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Wine Teasers Wine Game [New] - $1.99 + $5 shipping

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Wine Teasers Wine Game
$1.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 Wine Teasers Wine Game

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YAY gift week


YAY gift week


Not a high enough alcohol content in this.


Gift week?!?!?


Quoted for the truth…




Does this mean the wine.woot off is almost over?


Ah, the death throes of the Woot-Off are upon us. I predict we’ll see a Vinturi and maybe a decanter to continue burning off the evening stock.

Still, a good Woot-Off. I only bought one thing (Well, from Wine - I got a bag of crap as well), but there’s at least one good deal I slept through (The Pinot four-pack), one I regret turning down (The Red Zeppelins), and three that looked like good buys for other people (The Wellington Syrah, the Oregon Reds, and the Cab Sav three-pack).

Thanks, Woot. You don’t suck.


When did the bag of crap come up!!! Twitter let me down…

Put me in for one on the vinturi btw.


This doesn’t necessarily mean anything except that they’ve sold a few wines, so now they’re selling something that isn’t wine. Their email indicated that the woot off could be very long, their longest one ever, in fact, however that doesn’t mean they won’t end it earlier either. Maybe the wine.woot-off will end before the normal one, however.


It didn’t, and someone had mentioned that they had information that it wouldn’t show in the first 48 hours of the woot-off. I don’t know how reliable their source was, but so far they’ve been right.


It came up on

If you go look at the thread for the Bushnell GPS, you’ll see people gloating.


Yeah, it popped up on the Happy Hour 3 minutes before I knew there was a Happy Hour going on. So disappointed.

But I’m sure it’ll show up again in the actual Woot-Off. I bet the Happy Hour was only a small portion of the total they’ll be giving out this woot-off.


I like the extended version of the wine.woot! off. After staying up ridiculously late the last two nights, I got some sleep, checked back in, and didn’t miss anything I needed or that could have been shipped to my state! Less stress is good. And now I will knock on wood because I have to work tonight and might not be able to check in… Not that my wallet wouldn’t appreciate me missing some things :confused:

Oooh! And I like that there seems to have been a higher wine to wine-related ratio. Thanks WD :slight_smile:


Heavens. What will I even do with Woot-Off Day 3. (Answer: Hope the Hook and Ladder 3-pack makes a return.)


But wait… it wasn’t a “bag of crap” that came up, it was “Random Crap” according to the twitter feed.


Random Crap is the Bag of Crap. However happy hour is a different minisite; I wouldn’t think that just because they had Random Crap that it wouldn’t show up in a normal Woot Off especially if turns out to be a 72 hour woot off.