Wine Teasers Wine Game

Does this pair well with fish?

How bad could it be? In for three for gifts. To pair with Wine Woot if it ever comes back.
Looking for Block 13 Woot, please find some more!!!

Sell out in: 17 hours, 26 minutes

So… whose having us all over for drinks while we wait :D?

Its a little early in NY but I can bang in sick. It looks like a nice day.

Does my Avitar make me look fat?

No, just… primitive

A little… but that bone does wonders for your hair :slight_smile:

We are neighbors xD the birds are kinda noisy today tho :frowning:

I just wanted to see my state light up…plus it will help me learn more about wine!

Was in for three last time. Great for gifts. Gave one to my mom and two as college graduation gifts.

May go in for three more for Summer parties…

If we can’t have wine (yes, I know it is a woot-off, but still…) can’t we have wine glasses?

I’m shattering my wine glasses at an horrific rate, so I need more… I suppose I could just stop drinking wine, but let’s be real.

Does it matter that the game is the 2005 version? …Shows what little I know about wine …except that I feel like I need a glass more often now that I’ve got 2 kids : ^ )…

Or you could just drink straight out of the bottle! LOL